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"Del has created in Lifestyles Unlimited a unique group of people with a unique opportunity. He has made real estate investment accessible to normal run-of-the-mill people who don't have inheritance and background in real estate investment. He really was able to create a network of people who would teach each other. I've made friends through real estate investment that I never thought possible before." 
Candida W.

Del Walmsley
Del Walmsley has an impressive track record as a real estate investor, educator and mentor, as well as a Radio host. Del can be found each day on airwaves across America sharing his unconventional wisdom that frees his listeners from the hold of corporate America and sets them on the path to financial freedom. In addition, Del’s Lifestyles Unlimited On Location events give investors across the country the opportunity to spend time with Del's team.

Del openly shares his personal story and the methodology that has helped thousands of real estate investors change their lives for the better. Why? Because Del believes, “It’s not the money, it’s the lifestyle®” that matters most in life.

Del has served as the Chairman of the Houston Apartment Association and the National Apartment Association Independent Real Estate Owners Council (IROC). He won the Houston Apartment Association and the National Apartment Association Independent Real Estate Owners Investor of the Year Award, setting off a series of wins for those he Mentors through his real estate education and mentoring company, Lifestyles Unlimited. 

Lifestyles Unlimited members have won local, state, and national 
Apartment Association Investor of the Year Awards Since 2007

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Lifestyles Unlimited Executive V.P.
Single Family and Multifamily Investor, Mentor, Radio Host, Consultant 
Lynn Dee Murrow
Lynn Dee Murrow, Executive Vice President of Lifestyles Unlimited, has been a member since 2008 and joined our team in 2010.
Lynn is real estate retired, having put the education and mentoring she received as a member of Lifestyles Unlimited into action replacing her previous W2 income with her passive income from single family and multifamily rentals. Lynn has degrees in business, organizational systems management, marketing, human resources, and economics. Lynn worked across various industries in system design, management, business consulting and turnaround. Lynn brings a unique and fresh vision for effective business design and operations, and an infectious energy and passion for helping others reach their goals. 
When asked why she is still working, Lynn said, ”Everyone has to be somewhere doing something. I am grateful for my mentor, Del Walmsley, the CEO and Founder of Lifestyles Unlimited, and the education and mentoring program that helped me become financially free. This is the best community of people I have ever known. I learn something new every day, and I enjoy helping others and spending time with our team and our members. It’s challenging, it’s fun, and it is a win-win world at Lifestyles Unlimited. My work and play are completely intertwined, creating a wonderful and fulfilling lifestyle for me and my family.” Lynn also enjoys time with friends, classic muscle cars (restomods), hockey (the Vegas Golden Knights), time outdoors hiking and stargazing, reading, creating, and most of all spending time with her family.
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"I'm eternally grateful to Del Walmsley. Lifestyles Unlimited certainly was the catalyst for me to be able to live the be able to live on an island in the Florida Keys and scuba dive all the time is a dream come true, and I'm here (at the EXPO) paying homage and respect and ultimate gratitude for that."

Josh D.